It takes 8 minutes for blood to circulate all the way through the body. 8 glorious, long minutes. In that 8 minutes, a million and one things can race through my mind.

I have a yoga teacher who says, “If you only practice one yoga pose in your entire life, do Legs Up The Wall.” You’re supposed to hold the pose for at least 8 minutes so that your heart doesn’t have to work so hard for one complete cycle. This pose is sometimes referred to as “Stairway to Heaven” because your legs go straight up like they are leading to heaven, and also because the Led Zeppelin song is 8 minutes long.

Legs Up The Wall is like home for me. Everything melts away when I am in this pose. When I work through a trauma memory with my therapist and my anxiety escalates to a 10, my body craves this pose. Bonus points if she can throw a sandbag or added weight on top of my feet to help ground me. I don’t know why this pose is so powerful to me, but it is seriously amazing. Maybe my heart just needs a break sometimes?