The phenomenal Suz from Justbreathe826 has nominated me for this award. She is such a huge inspiration. Her blog perfectly showcases the challenges of living with Complex PTSD and she is not afraid to lay it all out there.Thank you for considering me for this award! Please take some time to check out her blog. It has been awesome for me to connect with her and have someone that I can relate to.

I started blogging this past summer, almost a year after starting trauma work with my therapist. We had spent some of the last 6 months discussing post traumatic growth and what that would look like for me. To be honest, I still don’t really know. However, I love to write and I thought that blogging would maybe be a good way to anonymously tell the world about the severe childhood sexual abuse that I went through, my daily struggles with complex PTSD, and how I have learned to cope with those symptoms through yoga. Much of my life has been spent struggle with various addictions, including: alcoholism, drug addiction, self-injury, and anorexia. I still struggle with the self-injury piece, and that is also embedded in my blog. I don’t have a lot of support outside of my therapist for my struggles with CPTSD. I am hoping my blog will help raise awareness for spouses and family members of someone living with PTSD. I think sometimes others have a hard time understanding the impact of our abusive pasts. Being a trauma survivor can be a very lonely place. My goal every time I sit down to write is to help at least one person not feel so alone in their journey with PTSD. And bonus points if I can share my love and gratitude for yoga with them, so hopefully they can utilize yoga to help them through the hard days too.

My advice for new bloggers: Let it all out. The more genuine you are on your blog, the more people will be able to relate to what you have to say. Also, try to blog about the positives too – sometimes we get so caught up in the negatives that it’s hard to find anything positive worth writing about. Do it anyway. The other day I blogged about chicken wings and dildos and people loved it. Find the humor in life. And take the time to stop and be encouraging to others. Finally, spend a few moments on others’ blogs. Learn from their experience, strength, and hope, and let them know that you appreciate their honesty. Be bold. Be unique. Be courageous.

I would like to nominate the following courageous bloggers:

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Shannon Crattie

Take some time to check out their blogs. They are truly courageous in their writing, sharing their stories of struggling with and overcoming PTSD.