I’ve been able to go to yoga classes for the last three days. It is truly incredible how much of a difference it makes in my mood and dissociation and anxiety when I am able to practice yoga daily. For me #yogaeverydamnday has nothing to do with increasing strength and flexibility, or being a “seasoned yogi.” For me #yogaeverydamnday is how I find relief from the hell that resides in my mind. Yoga is my antidepressant. Yoga is my escape from the snapshots that flash through my mind every day of the little girl that he hurts; of the abuse that I endured. Yoga helps me only focus on today, on the here and the now, instead of living in the past. Yoga is the big FUCK YOU to my Complex PTSD. When I applied for yoga teacher training, I had to answer, “What does yoga mean to you?” Well, I don’t know what yoga means to you, but to me, yoga is the reason I don’t self injure or kill myself. 




PS: I’m in a supported bridge pose in this pic and my dog is totally trying to kiss me 😂