Originally, I had decided that I wasn’t going to celebrate 300 days without cutting because 320 days is an even bigger milestone for me, and also because I’m traveling to visit family this weekend and I just don’t really have time to do something “special” for myself. However, on my drive down to visit my family, I started reflecting on the last 300 days.

There is probably no way I would’ve gotten through the last 300 days and all of the trauma work and marriage stress that I’ve had without cutting if I didn’t have yoga. 

So, to celebrate 300 days without cutting, I paid for yoga teacher training. I’ll start my 200-hour training in February. I’m really anxious about it – being able to keep up physically, finding the time to do the work, and fitting in with a group of people (social situations are hard for me). However, I’m excited to learn more about yoga, improve my alignment and practice, and maybe one day help other people by sharing the gift of yoga with them.