Dear Yoga Pants,

I love you almost as much as I love cupcakes. However, I really don’t understand why you smell so fucking bad. Like really, I’ve only been wearing you for 3.5 hours and I feel like I smell like dirty sexed-up twat 😝😷 I haven’t even had sex in like 3 days. And for the record, I’m OCD about that part of my body and keep everything super clean down there. So it’s not me, yoga pants, it’s you! Why the fuck do you smell so bad? I didn’t even get remotely sweaty in class. And it’s cold outside…so that’s NOT the issue. What am I going to do in yoga teacher training when I where the same yoga pants all day long?!?! 😷 


Please come out with a line of yoga pants called “No More Twat.” I feel like every pair I own is more like “Twat’s That You’re Smelling?” Even my good Athleta ones get stinky. 

Omg what if people can smell me when I’m at Target after yoga class?!?! 😷😳😭



Courageous Yoga Chick