Ok so if you read my post earlier today (Sitting With Hate), you might remember that I was looking forward to a candlelight deep stretch yoga class tonight. Well, class was from 7-8:15 and I arrived at 6:45. No one was at the studio yet. No biggy, I’ll drive around the block and find the Chinese restaurant that I’ll be ordering from afterwards. Done. Back at the studio at 6:50. Lights are on and cars are there. Great!

The owner checks me in. This is the same owner who ordered sandbags at my request a couple weeks ago. Last weekend, he asked me if I was coming to deep stretch (last Sunday) because he said they’d be filled by then. When I checked in, I asked him if we had sandbags. He said no – he hadn’t gotten around to filling them yet. Ok – no big deal – I’m just happy to be at yoga.

Walk into the class and set up in my spot. I’ve never been to this class, but I look around and grab the props that everyone else has by their mat. The teacher did not introduce herself when she walked past me, despite my effort to make eye contact, so I settled into a restorative child’s pose.

Class begins. The teacher does not introduce herself to the class. She puts us in supta baddha konasana to start. I got this – I’m safe…even though I haven’t officially met the teacher. We stay in bound angle for 8 whole minutes. That is a LONG time.

We then went into Lizard. We held this for an exceptionally long time as well, which is fine….more like a yin class but again, no biggy – yay for yoga. About halfway through class, I realized that the yoga teacher kept walking to the back of the room every time she put us in a pose. I happened to glance back there…want to know what she was doing?!?!

She was on her phone! 

Yep. You read that right. The yoga teacher was playing on her phone during the 5-8 minutes that we were in poses once she gave the instructions of what pose to do. After that, I was done. If it isn’t important enough for the yoga teacher to be present during the class, then I’m going to struggle to keep myself present. 

At 7:50 (25 minutes before class ended), she put us in shavasana. By 8:05, people were snoring and I was so fucking over it. I glanced back and she was… You guessed it: on her phone. I’m trying not to make judgements or assumptions, but it would seriously be awesome if my yoga teachers could just be present during our 75 minute class. After all, yoga is all about being present.

After class, I was the last person to put my props up and gather my belongings. I was hoping that maybe then, she would acknowledge my existence. I was wrong.

As much as I love the idea of a Sunday night deep stretch class, there’s no way I’ll go back to hers. I’m so disappointed.

Advice to yoga teachers: Remain present during your classes.