It’s already started. I’ve been with my family for 4 hours and my mom is already making jokes about how many therapists I have. I have an appointment with my hometown therapist that I’ve seen for the last 12 years. An hour before the appointment, my mom made the executive decision that we needed to go out to lunch on the other side of town. This left me very little time to eat before having to leave to go to therapy, not to mention I rode with my sister. By the time our food arrived, I had 10 minutes before I had to leave. 

As I was trying to figure out how I would get to therapy, and my sister was offering to just let me take her car, my mom loudly says, “I’m not even going to comment.” I looked at her, confused. She says, “About how many freaking therapists you have!” I reminded her that I don’t actually work on anything with this therapist, we just get together a couple times a year to catch up. My youngest sister follows up with, “Why don’t you just cancel? If you don’t work on anything, what’s the point of going?” I reiterated that it’s just nice to see her and catch up. My youngest sister then says, “So you pay her to be your friend? Wow that’s really sad, Jen.” 

At this point, I was almost in tears at the table. I don’t understand why it’s such a big deal. My name is Jennifer, and I’m so fucking crazy that I need three shrinks. 😭

I think it’s important to note that I actually only have one. My husband and I go to marriage counseling twice a month. That’s different. Really, he probably needs his own shrink, but I doubt he would go talk to someone about all of his faults. And, like I said, I don’t really work with my hometown shrink on anything. 

What I want to do is scream back at my mom, “Well I haven’t cut in almost one whole year, which is pretty fucking impressive considering I spent over 13 years cutting! Obviously having three therapists is working for me!” But I didn’t.

On the plus side, my dog thoroughly enjoyed the long car ride to my family’s house. Isn’t she adorable? 💜