You find about 9,000,000,000 other ways to be productive.

This weekend I avoided all things trauma-related. I spent the weekend alone with my toddler and just couldn’t handle any additional stress. Single-momming it for 3 days with a 2.5 year old was enough. Not to mention, I wasn’t able to go to a yoga class to decompress.

To keep my mind preoccupied, I stayed really fucking busy. 

  • I completed all of my paperwork
  • Finished up my Christmas shopping
  • Wrapped over 20 Christmas presents 
  • Cleaned out my desk and filing cabinet
  • Sold my desk and filing cabinet
  • Cleaned out my daughter’s room
  • Folded and put away 3 loads of laundry
  • Cleaned out the junk drawer in the kitchen 
  • Baked!!! (See the picture?)
  • Cleaned out the closet in the bonus room
  • Cleaned out my closet
  • Watched Charlotte’s Webb
  • Grocery shopped

That’s a lot of productivity! It’s like I’m nesting or something….except I’m like 90% positive I’m not pregnant….so really I’m just staying busy to keep my mind from going to dark places. Hey, whatever helps, right?! 

This week will be busy as I prepare for my family to come into town. Then, the following week, my inlaws will be here (and I’m dreading it). I know I need to utilize my next three therapy sessions wisely and work through trauma stuff. I don’t have time to fret over the little things this week. This week, I will be working hard to stay positive. And maybe I’ll do a little more baking haha