I’m struggling with so much anxiety tonight. 

  • I’m anxious over money (or the lack of)
  • I’m anxious over stress at work
  • I’m anxious over my parents coming to visit this weekend 
  • I’m anxious over Christmas
  • I’m anxious over the amount of things I need to do tonight 
  • I’m anxious over therapy tomorrow

I can’t even explain why I’m so anxious about all of these things. I just am. Anxiety makes my tummy hurt and my mind race. It’s like doing crack, but without the happy thoughts. Anxiety makes me shake uncontrollably. It throws me into a cycle of self-hatred and suicidal thoughts. After all of this therapy, you would think I would be fixed by now. But nope – still fucking anxious sometimes. I hate this feeling.

It’s an essential oils and yoga nidra kinda night. Maybe in the morning I’ll feel better.