We didn’t have marriage counseling this past week. We’ve been going every other week, and this was an “off” week. I should’ve worked harder to schedule something for this past week. My family is in town and my husband has turned into the biggest asshole ever. 

I was afraid this would happen.

We had multiple conversations in marriage counseling prior to seeing my family for Thanksgiving. He assured me that he was going to be nice and engaged and pleasant to be around. And, for the most part, he was. We had a great Thanksgiving together with my family. 

Well, stupid me for thinking he would be able to generalize those behaviors to my family visiting us! He came in from work yesterday, didn’t talk to anyone, and laid on the couch on his phone – not even acknowledging that my family was at our house to visit. 

This morning has been even worse. He’s been rude and mean and angry. He’s snapped at me, been super disrespectful, and humiliated me in front of my sister and grandmother. It’s fine though – I can take it. What really bothers me is how mean he’s been to our daughter. He’s intentionally irritated her, causing multiple tantrums and meltdowns. Then, at one point, as she was crying and tantruming, he told her she was retarded. Now, this is a word that I don’t use. I’ve never called my daughter “retarded,” nor do I think I ever will. For so many reasons, I have a big issue with this word. 

Luckily, he’s going to work for most of today. I don’t think I could handle spending all day with him treating me and my daughter like crap in front of my family. It’s sad because all week things have been really good between us. I don’t understand why he flips when he’s in front of other people. It’s like he’s putting on a show to demonstrate just how big of a douche he can be 😢


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