This year, my “big Christmas gift” was a Fitbit. I was super excited to get one because I want to have a better idea of how many calories I burn a day and how much I’m sleeping at night. Originally, I didn’t think I cared about the heart rate monitor component. 

Today I had a bad anxiety attack when I got super overwhelmed with cooking dinner for everyone, an excessively loud tv, stress from my family (my aunt got high and wrecked her car, police found her today passed out in the woods, and now she’s in rehab), and my toddler being, well, a toddler on Christmas Day. I decided to check my Fitbit while I was locked in the bathroom trying to focus on my breathing. My heart rate was 92 beats per minute. I had checked my heart rate earlier in the day a few times and it stayed between 59 and 67.

Perhaps I’ve found a new use for my Fitbit aside from tracking nightmares and anorexia! I can totally use it to monitor my anxiety! I mean…a 25+ point difference in my heart rate is pretty substantial. I wonder if I caught it when it was in the high 70s, if it would be easier to deescalate? Like if I caught it before it got into the 90s? 

For those of you with Fitbits, what’s your favorite thing about it?