I’m pretty sure my shrink is almost as granola as it gets…minus the fact that she wears UGG boots and I’m pretty sure she isn’t growing her own food (yet). She’s an essential oils using, salt lamp loving, kombucha drinking kinda chick. I’m ok with that though. The first time I met her, I was convinced that her and I were complete opposites and, outside of her office, we would never get along. 

I’ve actually learned a lot from her and her “granola side.” I now use essential oils, and they help soooo much with my sleep. I diffuse them at night or on days when I’m really anxious. The salt lamp idea is pretty fascinating, and while I’m not entirely sure how effective they really are, they’re pretty cool. So, when she suggested I drink Bedtime Tea to help me sleep, I reluctantly said ok. Here’s the thing: I hate tea. I hate all tea: hot tea, cold tea, sweet tea, Long Island Iced Tea, Arnold Palmers, herbal tea….literally all tea. But I rarely turn down my shrink’s suggestions because…well she’s my shrink and I do what she says if she thinks it’s going to help. Thanks to my issues with addiction, sleeping pills are a no go for me πŸ˜’

Tonight, I went into this tea thing all optimistic. This is going to help me so much! Well, it might have been helpful…except I hate tea. Literally 5 sips in and I’m gagging. I try to remind myself that I used to drink vodka straight out of the bottle….the cheap shit too. And if I can stomach that, I can stomach anything. But no – not tea. It was all I could do to swallow sip number 6. I’m pretty sure I’m going to throw up if I take one more sip. If you’re pro Bedtime Tea, more power to ya! How you drink this shit without vomiting is beyond me. I’ve almost lost it 3 times now. The rest is going down the drain. Maybe one day I won’t have addiction issues anymore and I can start popping pills to help me sleep again.

Side Note: I did love the little saying on the tea bag. That part made me smile 😊