I could spend the next 10 minutes rambling on about all of the bad things in my week. It would be easy for me to do because right now it feels like everything is bad….even though my shrink was quick to tell me that everything is NOT bad. She’s probably right, ya know….that’s why she makes more money than me….she can think way more rationally during times of stress than I can.

So here’s a list of the things from my week that are NOT bad:

  1. My marriage is going surprisingly really well right now. My husband has been so helpful and supportive. He’s acknowledged when I’ve been dysregulated and stepped in to help. 
  2. I practiced yoga twice today – once at home this morning before work, and once in my office with my partner during our lunch break. It was kinda cool to walk her through a sequence.
  3. I’m spending a lot of time with my best friend – even though it’s due to a shitty work situation, it’s nice that I’m stuck in the shit with her.
  4. My Nana bought me essential oils for my birthday. #embracingmygranolaside
  5. The weather isn’t freezing anymore. This is good for my mental health and my psoriasis.

Ok – there are my positives for the day. Bet you thought this would be super negative when you read the title, huh? 😉 Everything isn’t bad, but this past week has definitely had some intense challenges. Hopefully next week is a little easier. 💜