There are some things that I just don’t do well with. Lack of sleep is one of them. When my sleep is consistently interrupted, my anxiety escalates. Of course the universe thought it would teach me how to manage this better by giving me a child who never fucking sleeps. 

My daughter is almost 3 and she still doesn’t fucking sleep. It would be awesome if my husband would take turns getting up with her, but he usually pretends to be asleep and acts like he doesn’t hear her. In the past five hours, I’ve been up with her three times. 

I have no patience left. I’m tired and pissed off. And I’m willing to bet that my husband is going to whine about how he wants to sleep in…meanwhile I’ve basically not slept at all. My anxiety is at a 10. I need to cut. But rationally I know that cutting myself won’t make my daughter sleep.