Today is March 1st: Self Injury Awareness Day. Last week, I was upset over having a yoga teacher touching my forearm…. where my scars are. My therapist asked me how I could “embrace my scars.” I told her I really didn’t have an answer for that. 

After spending some time thinking about this, I am finally ready to write about it. 

My scars tell a story. I didn’t really want to use that metaphor because everyone says that. However, when I look at the scars on my arm, hip, and ankle, I see pain. I see a girl who is hurting and afraid. I see years of failure from the people who were supposed to keep her safe. And I see the strength it takes every single day. 

My life has not been easy, and my scars show that. However, my scars also show my resilience and ability to persevere. The majority of them are several years old, some more than a decade. When life was at its worst, when I was laying on my bedroom floor begging for death, that razor blade kept me alive. 

The scars on my body are a message of recovery and hope. Because there aren’t fresh cuts and scars, my arms show that it’s possible to heal from the pain. And to me, they are a clear reminder of everything I have been through and how far I have come in the last 15 years.

Embrace your scars – they symbolize hope and freedom