Someone has read virtually all of my blog posts today 🤔 I hope whoever it is found them inspiring and not triggering….

While much of my blog is intended to show what it’s like to live with CPTSD, I also utilize it as a journal and outlet. Soooooo it’s not always the most uplifting (especially this week). 

I did want my followers to know that I spoke with my youngest sister today. She was apologizing for not acknowledging my birth month – said things had just been chaotic with our other sister being sick. I understood and really didn’t mind. I told her not to worry about it – it’s been a shitty birth month so far. She then told me that maybe I was just getting all of the shittiness from 28 out so that 29 could be absolutely amazing 😊 I love her. She’s always just genuinely positive about life. And maybe she’s right: maybe these last couple of weeks of 28 suck so bad because 29 is going to be fanfuckingtastic 😃💜