Last week I participated in a free one hour coaching call where I talked with several other women about what our badass self looks like. What does it mean to be a badass? How do we find her? What keeps us from being her?  

After spending a week trying to find just 1% more of my badass self, this is what I’ve learned:

When I notice people, places, and things from the vantage point of my badass self, I am more in-tune to them and connected. I am less focused on me and what is going on in my life. I can leave space between what people say or do before I respond. When I do this, my response is more appropriate and compassionate. Leaving space allows me the opportunity to put myself in their shoes.

My inner dialog and thoughts about myself, in addition to my automatic fight/flight response sabotages my badass self…but I’ll continue working on that.

Currently, I am expressing my badass self at home – particularly in my marriage and the daily interactions I have with my husband. I also expressed my badass self this week by finding balance between work and leisure. And, I tried new things in yoga classes this week that I was a little apprehensive about – overcoming that anxiety and trusting my body was pretty badass! 

I dare you to explore your badass self.



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