Being calm.

I’m in my third weekend of yoga teacher training. If you remember my post from last month (Pushing Forward), you know that the last teacher training was really quite challenging for me. I almost quit. But that feeling was short-lived and I decided to keep going. 

At the beginning of our first two yoga teacher trainings, one of the instructors asked us to tell how we were feeling. My answer was the same each time: I feel anxious. This weekend, she did not ask the question. I’m not going to lie, I was slightly disappointed. I was disappointed because this weekend, for the first time, I did not feel anxious. This weekend I felt… comfortable and excited. 

At the end of today’s training session, we had to go around the circle and say what we would like to be acknowledged for. I didn’t have to think very long this time. This time, I knew what I wanted to be acknowledged for. When it was my turn, I said: “I want to be acknowledge for not being anxious.” The instructor had me think of another way to phrase that – so I said “Being calm.” 

After everyone went around the circle and shared, the instructor acknowledged each person. She acknowledged me for being calm and light this weekend. It might sound silly, but in that moment, I was so very proud of myself. For someone who spends 99.9% of their life in their sympathetic nervous system, being acknowledged for being calm is a very big deal. 

This weekend is a much needed breath of fresh air. Today, the whole world is better. 💜