It’s Friday; but it’s not just any Friday…

Today is the first Friday in roughly 8 months that I haven’t had a biweekly therapy session with my therapist. In 2016, I saw my therapist no less than 75 times. I would have seen her more, but her travel schedule and mine didn’t allow that. In 2017, I have seen her twice a week except for when she’s been out of town. 

I was anxious about dropping back to weekly sessions. Financially, I need to drop back. I also got really upset with my therapist about a month ago and was planning on quitting therapy all together. Even though I wanted to cut back or quit, I was really worried that maybe I wasn’t ready. 

Well, here we are: my first Friday where I chose not to see my shrink. 

I feel remarkably good about my decision.

I am not anxious today. I have not emailed my therapist all week. I am not stressed out or worrying over how many more days until I see her. I am ok. 

I feel a huge sense of accomplishment and relief right now. I never really thought I would be ok only seeing her once a week. But I am — I am totally ok.