I had such a productive therapy session today! I didn’t have a “break through” or anything like that, but I did a great job communicating. 

I have a hard time talking about the things that I need to talk about. For example, I’ve needed to talk about a trauma memory for almost 2 months now. Today, I finally got up the courage to do it! 

I also was able to express the times that I viewed situations this week with love instead of fear. I remembered to talk about my badass experience this week. And, in session, I picked up on and pointed out when I communicated my needs during our conversations: like when I needed help or didn’t understand something. 

While all of these probably seem like mediocre accomplishments to some people, they are a BIG deal to me! I still deal with anxiety and ptsd, but I am so very proud of my accomplishments and where I am today vs even a few months ago.