The other night I got a text message from my youngest sister; she’s graduating high school in a few weeks and going to college. She said:

“I think I’m going to take a yoga class when I go to college.” 

I immediately called her. She has always made fun of me for doing yoga and being “granola.” She answered the phone and I asked her why she decided to try yoga. Her response made me cry:

“I get really stressed out and have lots of anxiety with school and stuff. I have seen how much yoga has helped you, and I want to get into it.” 

Wow – Just. Wow. 

My sister lives several hours away. We see each other every few months or so. She doesn’t know that I’ve struggled with self injury or suicide as an adult. All she knows is that I have anxiety and get stressed out and overwhelmed very easily. Still, she has seen a change in me because of yoga. And because of that change, she wants to start doing yoga. How incredible is that?!?!