All of the things from the last few weeks have caught up with me:

  • Trauma work
  • A failed job interview
  • Traveling
  • Anxiety
  • Money issues
  • Yoga teacher training
  • Work

I am exhausted. Drained.

I took today off of work. I went to my daughter’s school for the Mother’s Day breakfast, went to the grocery store, and have spent the rest of the day in my bed. I slept for 11 hours last night, and took another hour-long nap this morning. I am unmotivated to get up and be productive. I just want to stay in bed, closed off from the world. 

Rest is good. It helps the body and the mind. My problem is that it becomes so good that I can’t make myself see the benefits in doing anything else. I’m not sure that this is a direct correlation to my mental health issues, but I do know that my level of exhaustion is. I am trying to find the energy to convince myself to get up.



PS: The picture in this post is my current view: buried under a pile of blankets, in my dark room, as the sun tries to wake up too