Courage is picking up the phone to call someone that you haven’t spoken to in months, but you know they understand what it’s like to be where you are.

It’s writing a letter to your mom, pouring out all of the emotions that you’ve held in for so long. 

Courage is asking for help when you need it, and accepting help when you think you’re stronger than that. 

It’s opening your mouth and finding the words to adequately express the scary things that are racing through your mind. It’s trusting that those words will be met with compassion. 

Courage looks like you; me; and the other survivors of childhood sexual abuse – facing our fears every day, getting out of bed, and living life on life’s terms. 
I am so grateful to all of my readers. Thank you for allowing me to share in a safe place. I’m struggling a lot right now and I’m trying to find the courage to work through what I need to work through instead of numbing it. 💜