Well, my youngest sister is no longer a virgin. Actually, apparently she hasn’t been for the last year, but she didn’t want to tell me because I made such a big deal about her not having sex in high school. So, like with pretty much everything else, I was the last to find out. 

When she made the comment in front of me and my mom last night, I looked at my mom and said, “You know, I may have not made the best choices in high school, but at least I didn’t do that.” She looked at me and started making a motion like she was slitting her wrists and said, “No you were too busy doing this, which was worse.” 

She still doesn’t understand that cutting wasn’t “just a phase.” Actually, according to this conversation, she considers self-injury a “bad choice” as opposed to a true mental health issue. I want so badly sometimes to educate her on what cutting did for me and why I needed it. But I know that wouldn’t go well.

Her comments last night were hurtful. Her perception is hurtful. And, ultimately, the gestures she made while saying the comments, where she mocked me, were humiliating. I wanted to just crawl in a cave and not come out. How can someone be so incredibly insensitive to their daughter’s mental health issues? 😒