I went to the support group tonight that I sometimes go to for women who have been sexually abused. When I first started going a year ago, I found it difficult to stay present. Hearing the other women speak about their experiences, even when not going into details, was triggering for me. Tonight was different though.

I felt like tonight’s meeting was more positive. We focused on coping strategies. We also talked about how difficult it is to tell someone about the abuse as it’s happening. I stayed mostly present throughout the meeting. 

There were several women there tonight, 10 actually. Typically there are only a few. There was a sense of community that I hadn’t felt before. There was laughter among the tears and pain. There was empathy and compassion. Tonight, the group was everything that I needed. 

I am not sure if tonight’s group felt different because I have changed, or because the group has changed. Either way, it was good.