I know I need to make one…even though I wrote one on Friday. Things are so incredibly bad with my marriage that it is difficult to see the good in anything else. There are good things though:

  • My Nana gave me her Old Navy Cash that she had and because of that, my daughter was able to pick out a purple “princess” dress last night. We went to try it on and she just lit up – she was so excited
  • I’ve got awesome support from my yoga community – even if I don’t reach out to them, knowing that they are there and seeing their smiling faces at class makes my life better
  • My house has air conditioning and it’s working right now
  • So much gratitude for my sobriety and the length of time I’ve had without self-injury. If I didn’t have the amount of time that I have, it would be difficult to get through moments like this without it
  • My shrink: I did need to make a gratitude list…. it helped some