My biological dad called me last night. I was getting into bed and chose not to answer. This morning, as I was listening to his drunken voicemail, I found myself getting agitated. I wasn’t agitated with him or the voicemail though. 

The agitating part of this situation is that I have not had a real conversation with my mom on the phone since probably the beginning of April. She doesn’t call me. When I call her, she acts as if she either doesn’t care or doesn’t have time to listen to what is going on in my life. Yet my biological dad, who is a heavy alcoholic and sometimes drug addict, makes the time to call me on a pretty regular basis. 

I’ll never understand why my mom acts like this. I don’t understand why she doesn’t care. I don’t understand what I have done to make this relationship the way that it is. It would be different if she acted this way towards my sisters, but no – she talks to them almost daily. It’s just me.