It has definitely been A WEEK…. and not necessarily a good one.

My week started with a starter problem…. as in my car. I had to contact my biological dad to see if he could help me out. He paid to have my starter replaced. This means I will inevitably have to spend some decent amount of time with him. When I saw him Monday at the shop he works at, he smelled strongly of stale alcohol and he was still intoxicated from the night before. How he still has a job is beyond me. 

Somehow my bank account ended up overdrafted by $44. This happened because Target normally takes several days to process my payment and this time it magically hit the account the same day 😩 This led to $148 in overdraft fees 😮😮😮 I went to the bank and talked to them. Thankfully they are waiving the fees. 

Last night the power went out for 3 hours due to storms and fallen power lines. Of course it happened right as I was about to start dinner.

My mom wants me to come visit while other family is in town this week. I really don’t want to. When I pointed out to my mom that we haven’t spoken in four weeks, her response was, “Yeah. I know it’s been a while.” There was no apology. No “how have you been.” Nothing. 

And icing on the cake: I lost a filling yesterday, which ended up breaking off half of my tooth. Luckily it’s a molar. On the down side, I went to get it fixed today. The dentist office is listed in network with my benefits, but when I arrived the office manager said they weren’t actually in network. After an hour of trying to figure it out, I decided to just leave. This meant having to find another dentist, open on a Friday, with room to squeeze me in. I’m having to travel almost an hour tomorrow to get my tooth fixed at 7am. 

Everything feels really stressful right now. I spent my afternoon doing yoga while Limp Bizkit played in the background. I have cooked dinner. Snuggled with my dog. And stayed busy. I’m using my coping skills. I did pick up a lighter and contemplate burning myself, but quickly changed my mind. Burning myself won’t make my week better. Plus, my shrink is out of town and I would hate for her to return to the news of me self-injuring again. I do like when she’s proud of me. 

Here’s my buffalo ranch chicken pasta bake: