Today is a hectic day. I had to work this morning. Now I’m going to the dentist to get my tooth fixed. I have so much anxiety surrounding going to the dentist 😩 

I have Thai Massage this afternoon. I’m hoping I get finished at the dentist in time to make it to Thai. And I’m anxious about what might come up for me in Thai Massage. I’ve worked on anger and shame for the past week or so and I am hopeful that Thai will help me process it some and heal. But I am afraid that it won’t. I am worried that it won’t help.

And then, right after Thai Massage, I have therapy. I’m hoping I finish Thai Massage early enough to make it to therapy on time. I’m worried I’ll be late.
On top of all of that, my tummy hurts today. Probably due to all of the anxiety. I need today to be a good day.