What if I don’t get better? Or what if I do get better but my head is so fucked up that I don’t even realize it? What does better even look like? What if I’m already there?

These are the thoughts than ran through my head today as I walked into the yoga studio. In a lot of ways, I am “better.” There are some things I would definitely still like to work on….

  • Anger
  • Feeling less anxious when things are stressful 
  • Loving myself more
  • Leaving space between a stimulus and my response
  • Showing myself compassion
  • Being less fearful of everything

When I look at this list, I realize that I have made a lot of progress during my last two years of therapy. I am hopeful that I continue making progress. I’m not sure that I can label myself as 100% “better,” but I am, for the most part, doing ok.