Today was such a good day. I cleaned my house. I celebrated 600 days and my shrink’s birthday in therapy today with cupcakes. I had productive sandtray work. And I went shopping with my mom and sister who are in town. 

All week, I have been having issues with my online banking. It’s been showing way less money than there actually is in my account. Today, my husband finally went in to talk to them about it. Turns out one of the companies that his business owed money to garnished $1500 from our account. I am so upset. My husband, on a good week, only makes $600 a week. That means the bulk of that $1500 came from MY income. Income that I was going to use for things like paying down my debt, buying groceries, paying daycare. Now, there isn’t even money for the mortgage payment…. let alone anything else. 

He is in the process of filing bankruptcy. I was under the impression that once he was in that process, they couldn’t garnish our account. I guess I was wrong. I also don’t understand how they were able to garnish our joint account, when I’m the primary account holder, when my name wasn’t on anything for his business. I literally don’t know what to do. My mortgage will clear on Tuesday and I am short $1200. 

I am only slightly mad at my husband. But I am furious at the situation he has put us in. I was having such an amazing day. And now, I can’t stop crying. I am walking into yoga teacher training in 15 minutes and I’m a complete wreck. I can hear my marriage counselor telling me that nothing is going to get solved today. She would be correct…it’s not. He has tried calling and emailing his lawyer, but naturally she hasn’t answered. 

I don’t feel like I need to cut. But I don’t really know what I need (aside from $1200). When I try to talk to my husband about it, he just tells me to stop being so upset. I feel completely alone 😩