I am in my second to last weekend of yoga teacher training. Today we learned about the chakras and energy healing. I am the first to admit that a few years ago I thought this was all a bunch of bullshit. However, as my yoga journey has progressed, so has my belief in chakras and energy healing. 

The instructor this morning talked about how the chakra system has been scientificly linked to the endocrine system, and when the chakras are out of balance, so is the endocrine system. If you’re reading my blog for the first time, you need to know that I was severely sexually abused from about age 5 until I was 11. Between ages 11 and 13, after the abuse had ended, I developed several autoimmune disease. These include Grave’s disease and vitiligo. I also had a positive Rh factor, common in people with rheumatoid arthritis, and a positive ANA, common in people with lupus. 

When the abuse ended, my endocrine system basically shut down. Puberty halted. My body was attacking itself. It was almost as if my body was in shock, not knowing how to live without the abuse. 

Hearing the instructor this morning talk about how the chakras relate to the endocrine system made me feel so sad for my younger self, but also confident that yoga is the key to my healing. I have been doing yoga regularly for almost two years now. Last month, my blood work for my autoimmune issues came back good. My ANA and Rh factor with both negative. My vitiligo has been stable. And my thyroid levels have not gotten worse. I have no doubt that my healing from my traumatic childhood through yoga has played a role in that. I am looking forward to a life with yoga; a life of peace and calming.